Pricing & Services

Pricing & Services

Laundry Service

Regular Service (completed in <48 hrs)

$1.99 per pound

Rushed Service or Excessively Soiled

$2.75 per pound


400 lbs or more per order (completed in <48 hrs)

$1.75 per pound

* To qualify for Commercial Bulk Pricing linens and towels: need to not be unit specific, be able to be washed together, and each order needs to be within Commercial Bulk Pricing weight categories. Items will be returned, folded and bagged with like items. For example, flat sheets will be bagged together and labeled, fitted sheets bagged together and labeled, bath towels bagged together and labeled, etc.

Standard Delivery
(completed in <48 hrs)


Drop Off Minimum Order


Delivery Minimum Order


Missed Pickup Fee


CK Comforter, CK Quilt

$33 /item

K/Q Comforter, K/Q Quilt

$30 /item

T/F Comforter, T/F Quilt

$27 /item

CK Blanket, CK Bed Pad, CK Bed Spread

$17 /item

K/Q Blanket, K/Q Bed Pad, K/Q Bed Spread

$15 /item

T/F Blanket, T/F Bed Pads, T/F Bed Spread

$13 /item

CK Duvet Cover, CK Bed Skirt

$15 /item

K/Q Duvet Cover, K/Q Bed Skirt

$13 /item

T/F Duvet Cover, T/F Bed Skirt

$11 /item

Pillows, Decorative Pillows

$20 /item

Sleeping Bag

$20 /item

Small Rug (Less than 2ft)

$11 /item

Medium Rug (2–4ft)

$13 /item

Large Rug (Over 4ft)

$15 /item

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